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Privacy Policy

"At In Loving Memory, LP, we recognize and respect our customers' privacy. That's why we diligently protect the trust you have placed in us."

Data Collection
We limit the information collected about you to what is needed for conducting business and offering products and services that might be of interest to you.

Because you deserve the highest quality products and services we can offer, we use advanced technology to help keep information about our business relationship with you complete, accurate, and up to date. In addition, our associates are dedicated to the highest standards of service integrity and continuous improvement in everything they do.

Associate Responsibility
We provide protection against unauthorized disclosure of information you share with us. We limit associate access to our customer files only to those on a need-to-know case. We also educate these associates about their responsibility to protect your privacy, and we give them clear guidelines for adhering to our policies and standards.

Value-Added Services
Because we appreciate the trust you've placed in us, we continually look for ways to enhance that business relationship. So from time to time, one of the members of the In Loving Memory family of companies may let you know about a product or service. Using the information you've provided us, we strive to limit our offers to those we think you'd appreciate receiving. We want every contact you have with us to be a positive experience. So if you'd prefer not to receive these value-added services, offers and opportunities, just contact us.

Confidentiality Agreements
We carefully select service providers who share our commitment to the preservation of your privacy. We hold these providers to the same standards that we observe in our own offices, and we regularly monitor their compliance to our policies and procedures. We do not sell or rent our customers' information to any outside companies or organizations.

Children's Policy
In Loving Memory, LP. doesn't knowingly solicit or collect information from children under 13 years of age. In Loving Memory requires children over the age of 13 to consult with their parents before furnishing us with any data. We believe that parents should supervise their children's online activities and consider using one of the prepackaged parental-control tools available to provide a child-friendly Internet environment. These tools can also prevent children from disclosing personal information without parental consent. For additional information regarding children's online privacy, please consult the "Consumer Protection" page of the Federal Trade Commission home page at


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cards, and other printed products for funeral homes.

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